What style of tattooing is your speciality?
Style: Specialize in being good in all styles, best known for any large scale work and freehanding. 

How long have you been tattooing?
Started my apprenticeship in 1996 and was tattooing fulltime by '97. 

Best & worst tat on your body?
I love all my tattoos. Each is a reminder of different times, places, people, etc.

Have you ever tattooed yourself? And what?
Did some work on my legs when I was apprenticing. A picture I drew of my first tattoo machine I purchased.



Who did you look up to when you were coming up?
I've always looked up to Filip Leu as a tattooer. His large-scale work inspired me to follow the same path.

How did you get stared?
I got my foot in the door the right way. I was offered an apprenticeship by artist, Roger Blankenship (RIP).

What was the first tattoo you ever gave?
First time touching skin, I did a leprechaun on my sister's ex boyfriend.

Is it hard to get the hang of it?
I'm still getting the hang of it! You never stop learning.

Do you have any odd stories from your early days of tattooing?
No odd stories to share...Mum's the word.



What's the most original request you've gotten?
Nothing's really original...The customer may think they have some new idea but it's al been done before. I just have fun putting my twist on it.

Which tattoo are you most proud of having given?
I try to be proud of them all before I let them leave. 

What tattoos do you think are a bad idea? And what’s the stupidest tat you’ve been asked todo?
Upside down tattoos!! Upside down tattoos.

What are you getting a lot of requests for at the moment?
Upside down tattoos... It looks stupid!

I know you travel overseas a lot for work what's big in other countries at the moment to get?
No matter where you travel, everyone seems collecting the same sort of stuff. Things come and go in waves, but the staple stuff is always around. 

Do you see it as your job to give people what they ask for?
It's my service I provide but I also try to educate people as to what works on the body and what will last over time. 

Would you ever turn someone down? Or is there anything that makes you really uncomfortable or you won’t do?
I won't do anything racial or any large facial tattoos. 



Who should we keep an eye out for thats just coming up now?
So many people flooded our industry, now it's impossible to keep up with anyone. 

Whats one thing you would tell new tattoo artist coming up now?
Unless you want to completely immerse yourself and respect who was there before you, then stay out. 

Any plans for the future?
Keep traveling and raising my girls!

How do you feel about seeing your art t-shirts 
It's always an honor to see my drawings printed up.

Megan G